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Up to 12 months of Bitdefender FREE enterprise-grade security for ALL healthcare organizations.

This way, Bitdefender helps healthcare providers to work at full capacity on delivering care during the Coronavirus pandemic, without worrying about falling victim to the ruthless, opportunistic attacks revolving around this crisis.

What Are Essential Services And Jobs During The Coronavirus Crisis?

  • Gas stations, auto supply stores, auto repair shops and related facilities

  • Pharmacies

  • Grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks and convenience stores

  • Liquor stores

  • Restaurants (only for delivery, takeout and drive-thru)

  • Hardware stores and plumbers

  • Contractors and other tradesmen, appliance repair personnel

  • Exterminators and other service providers

  • Landscape and pool care businesses, including residential landscape and pool care

  • Construction sites and engineering and architecture firms

  • Banks and related financial institutions including insurance and accounting services

  • Phone and computer sellers

  • Community benefit organizations on a case-by-case basis

  • Laundromats, dry cleaners and laundry service providers

  • Healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and healthcare operations including research and laboratory services, medical wholesale and distribution, and dentists

  • Businesses that provide shelter and/or social services

  • Newspapers, television, radio and other media outlets

  • Businesses offering mailing and shipping services, including post office boxes

  • Airlines, taxis and other private transportation providers

  • Home-based care for seniors, adults or children

  • Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, adult day care centers and senior facilities

  • Pet supply stores

  • Veterinary offices

  • Police stations

  • Fire stations

  • Building code enforcement

  • Jails

  • Courts

  • Garbage/sanitation and recycling services

  • Public transportation (Muni, BART, subways)

  • Utilities (water, power and gas, telecommunications)

  • Certain city, county, state and federal offices

  • Funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries

  • Maintenance staff, cleaners, janitors and doormen

  • Manufacturing including food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, paper products, safety and sanitary products

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